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Leader in the used car loan market for over 20 years, Decreditos offers a digital ecosystem with comprehensive solutions: get a 100% online loan, ask for a quote or buy insurance all in one place.

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Achieving cultural and
technological transformation.

Walk the talk


Working together since 2015.


We became their tech partner!


We helped them get at the top of technology and agile work methodologies.


We built a major part of the software that allows them to operate 100% online and with greater efficiency.

Over the last 5 years, Decreditos has been going through an intense digital transformation process that put its entire work team in a privileged position in the market, completely changing its business model.

Diego Himber
Ximena Rigonat
Project Manager at Braintly

The Challenges



We had to make sure that very traditional users (used car dealerships) adopted the use of technology as the only way to get a loan.

no human interaction

No human interaction, no friction.

For this to work, we needed to build a frictionless, 100% online platform with a great UX and no human interaction.


Constant adaptation.

The loan business in Argentina is very volatile. We have to tackle changes in an agile way without hindering the business. And as we adapt, the client also adapts to our industry, learning how to develop software products.

The digital and technological transformation taught us that technology did not come to take away our work, but to prioritize our role in the organization and help us solve repetitive and automatable tasks.

Diego Himber
Diego Himber
General Product Owner at Decreditos

What we’ve built



The onboarding platform allows car dealerships to create their business by using advanced techniques of identity validation.


We integrated with Hubspot to let Decreditos cross-reference all the historical, present and forecast data of its agencies.


It provides the agency with a powerful omnichannel tool to manage all their publications in the different sales channels (Mercado Libre, OLX, etc).
Agencies website

Agencies website

It allows agentes for ask for a loan in a few steps and 100% online: Integrated with several services including KYC and more financial data that automatically help whether to grant or not the loan.
Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Get an instant personal loan for anything you need in 5 minutes.
Online Insurance

Online Insurance

Not only can the agents sell a loan, but they can also work as insurance brokers. They can sell insurance to their customers and get their agent's commission.
Customer service bot

Customer service bot

DITA is an automated WhatsApp bot without human intermediaries thatallows customers to get a loan through Whatsapp.
Mastercard prepaid card

prepaid card

A prepaid card for anything
you want to buy.


All the things a dealership
needs, in one place.

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How we transformed
the business




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  humanless operation  

This is how
we do it.

We use an Agile implementation to adjust to changing business needs.


Project Summary

1 Project Manager
1 Technical Leader
6 Full Stack Developers
2 QA Analyst
1 UX/UI Designer
Product Discovery
Product Design & Thinking.
Product Development.
Braintly Plug: Time & Materials.
Infrastructure (AWS).
Web App
Interface integrations

Today we have the deep knowledge of the business that so many years of experience gave us, which, combined with cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, put us at the level of leading companies that were born in the light of technology and it is part of their DNA.

Damián Levy
Damián Levy
CEO at Decreditos

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