We are Braintly

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We are more than


We are Braintly

We've been building software for 12 years and we love what we do. We make the kind of software
that businesses really need.
If you've got an idea and want to
see it come to life, or if your
current software needs a boost,
we've got your back.


We've spent years teaming up with startups, small businesses, and growing companies. We're more than just hired help—we're your teammates, ready to understand your challenges and help you get ahead.


We know tech is more than just programming—it's about fixing real challenges you face in your business. We use our know-how to mix smart business strategies with top-notch design and coding to turn your ideas into something great.

What we are all about


We are used to hearing about User Experience or Customer Experience, but what about Employee Experience? We love to work on these three EXP constantly.

Permanently on Beta

We were taught that making a mistake was the end of the world. Our western culture is educated with carrots and sticks. We are here to change that. If a person doesn’t make mistakes, it’s only because they never try to do something new.

With great freedom,comes great responsibility.

Be free. This is undoubtedly the best way to reach your maximum potential. Just be careful, your freedom ends where another's begins. Watch out for others, so your coworkers’ job isn’t affected.

Let’s have fun with it.

Who said work is just for working? If you have fun working, you’ll get up with a smile on your face every morning. Wise people say that if you do what you love, you won’t work a day in your life.

There’s no place like home.

The working environment is different to all you have known. Really. We’re obsessed with making Braintly feel like home and not a cold place.

4C 4U

Collaboration. Communication. Confidence. Commitment. Those are our standards. We listen and understand, and then we seek to be understood. Communicate in a clear way. Provide and build trust with the people you surround yourself with. Commit to yourself and to your career.

Be a Wow!

There’s nothing better than hearing the words ‘Hey dude, what a great work you’ve done”. Or maybe that someone comes up to you and says “Thanks to you my life has changed”. It’s comforting to the soul. If we want that, we have to beat our expectations. Be humble. Help and let yourself be helped.


Remote culture


A remote work culture is a culture that puts connection and sense of belonging of remote workers front and center. We are built on values like trust, inclusivity, autonomy, and transparency. Remote team culture is primarily built by how we work together, not how we socialize. Our culture is written down.

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These are the people
that make Braintly
what it is

These are the people that make Braintly what it is
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