The Agile Squads Approach: More Than Just Providers.
SEP 12, 2023

The Agile Squads Approach: More Than Just Providers.

Roger Einstoss
Braintly Co-Founder & CEO

A tailored, dedicated team based on our client's unique needs At the heart of our philosophy is a simple yet profound belief: we want to be more than just providers to our clients; we aim to stand out.

From the early days of Braintly, a cornerstone of our approach has been to always go that extra mile, forging lasting partnerships that allow us to deeply immerse ourselves in our client's businesses, serving as their tech allies and delivering genuine value through tech solutions.

Introducing the Squads: we craft a tailored, dedicated team based on our client's unique needs, and then "plug" this squad in to operate under the AGILE-SCRUM methodology. With bi-weekly sprints, we commit to delivering software every two weeks. At a minimum, these teams comprise a Developer and a Project Leader. In some instances, our squads grow to 10+ members, including roles such as business owners, technical leaders, project leaders, QA testers, and UX/UI designers.

Beyond just delivering software, the primary goal under this work model is for the team to understand the client's business and its needs deeply. We cultivate an environment where our team discerns when to push the throttle and when to proceed with caution. This in-depth comprehension means we don't just solve problems; we also proactively suggest enhancements that sometimes weren't even on the client's radar.

Furthermore, we empower our non-tech counterparts to build a team that can effectively communicate with tech professionals, guiding them on framing requirements, highlighting the significance of a Product Owner, and delving deep into the reasoning behind each decision. Digital transformation isn't a journey we embark on alone; it's a nuanced process demanding equal involvement from both our team and the business side.

This work approach offers clients immense flexibility, negating the need to lay out the entire project from inception, as is the case with turnkey projects. Requirements, goals, and ideas can shift in line with business needs, and our role is to guide and advise, ensuring a successful voyage.

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