Bridging the Gap: How Braintly’s Engineering Academy is Paving the Way for Aspiring Developers
NOV 7, 2023

Bridging the Gap: How Braintly’s Engineering Academy is Paving the Way for Aspiring Developers

Fede Deprez
Braintly Co-Founder & COO

The BEA isn't just any developer's school; it's a transformation hub.

The Braintly Engineering Academy isn't just any developer's school; it's a transformation hub. Here, we don't just teach coding; we mentor, train, and develop individuals into full-fledged professionals ready to tackle real-world projects. But what sets our academy apart?

Closing the Skill Gap

A stark reality faces many fresh from coding schools, boot camps, and computer science programs: the disconnect between academic knowledge and practical, on-the-job skills. The Braintly Engineering Academy was designed specifically to close this gap. Through intensive courses ranging from 3 to 6 months, we prepare trainees by simulating actual work environments. This immersive experience is our formula for a staggering 85% conversion rate of trainees transitioning into successful roles within our clients' projects.

More Than Code: A Holistic Approach to Software Development

Understanding that successful software development hinges on more than just technical ability, our academy curriculum emphasizes the full Software Development Lifecycle. Agile Squads methodology is at the heart of our teaching, ensuring trainees can adapt to the collaborative and iterative nature of professional software projects. We go beyond code by embedding critical communication, responsibility, and self-management skills into our training program.

Investing in the Future

The Software Development Engineering Test (SDET) is a cornerstone of our curriculum, ensuring that our graduates not only understand software development principles but are also adept at testing, a crucial phase in the lifecycle of software creation. By investing in the future of our trainees, we're not only propelling their careers forward but also nurturing the next generation of talent to address the current shortage of skilled programmers.

A Win-Win Outcome

Trainees of the Braintly Engineering Academy are the direct beneficiaries of our innovative approach. But the rewards ripple outward – by injecting highly trained, agile, and adaptable developers into the market, we are fortifying the software development industry with capable professionals ready to contribute from day one.

In conclusion, the role of the Braintly Engineering Academy is pivotal. As a software development company committed to excellence, we are keenly aware of the industry's needs and proactive in our approach to meet them. Join us, and together, we can reshape the landscape of technology, one developer at a time.

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