Braintly Mashup: Our Friendly Guide to Client Onboarding
NOV 14, 2023

Braintly Mashup: Our Friendly Guide to Client Onboarding

Facu Gandini
Braintly Co-Founder

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes tour of our onboarding where we transform from ‘us and you’ to ‘we’

Hey future partners! Welcome to a behind-the-scenes tour of Braintly’s onboarding journey—a series of steps where we transform from ‘us and you’ to a powerhouse ‘we’. Our onboarding isn't just a process; it's the beginning of a beautiful partnership in the bustling world of software engineering.

Step 1: Setting the Stage with Goals and KPIs

First things first, let's huddle up and talk dreams and schemes. We'll map out our shared goals, pinpoint key milestones, and align our KPIs. This isn't just busy work; it's how we ensure we're strumming to the same beat right from the get-go.

Step 2: Blending Cultures Like a Pro

Next, we're going to blend our backgrounds into a rich culture that's as diverse as the software engineering ecosystem. We'll introduce you to our team—from Latin America and beyond—celebrating our differences and uniting our strengths. Expect a common dictionary of tech terms to pop up, making sure we're all chatting in tune.

Step 3: Defining Roles—Who’s on Lead Guitar?

Now, onto the nitty-gritty of roles and responsibilities. We'll lay out who’s who in the Braintly band, detailing every role to keep the jam session smooth. With everyone knowing their part, we'll be set to rock the software engineering world.

Step 4: Harmonizing Communications

Clear communication is our jam. With our language proficiency tuned up and a glossary of terms at our fingertips, we'll ensure that every word hits the right note, keeping misunderstandings at bay.

Step 5: Syncing Our Work Rhythms

With the team ready, it's time to get our clocks ticking in harmony. We'll work out a meeting cadence that respects our global presence and agrees on a common approach to governance and decision-making. It's all about keeping the tempo right for a smooth software engineering symphony.

Step 6: The Big Finale—One Cohesive Team

As our onboarding process wraps up, we're no longer a bunch of solo acts. We're a unified band, ready to take on the software engineering charts. One team, one dream, ready to deliver show-stopping tech solutions.

Encore: Agile Methodologies and Continuous Improvement

But wait, there's more! We're big on agile—expect us to keep the feedback loop open and the process adaptive. Whether it's backlog grooming or sprint reviews, we're always on the lookout for ways to tweak our performance for the better.

There you have it—a front-row ticket to our onboarding extravaganza. It's structured yet flexible, detailed yet straightforward, and most importantly, it's the start of something epic. Ready to play some hits in the tech arena? Let's tune up and dive in!